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About the Group

The Systema training group "St. Alexander Nevski" began in November 2016, in the Dorcol neighborhood of Belgrade. Since then, we've attended and participated in several international seminars, as well as hosting a number of local workshops and seminars, in collaboration with the training group from Zarkovo.

Why St. Alexander Nevski? First, very simple - our first training location was located directly behind the church dedicated to the saint. ​Secondly, the Prince of Novgorod Alexander Nevsky and later saint, was well known as a defender of Russia and Orthodoxy against various external threads. He is known for the addage - "who comes to us by the sword, shall die by it".

The group, and the trainings are lead by Nikola Smiljanic

About the Instructor


The training group "St. Alexander Nevski" is led by Nikola Smiljanic. Nikola has a good number of years experience, learning Systema from the founder himself - Vladimir Vasiliev. His martial arts careers started in highschool as a boxer. He found out about Systema in 2008 and has trained it exclusively since then, at Systema HQ. After finishing his studies in in 2012 he returned to his home town of Belgrade where he trained under Milos Malic at Systema Serbia "Hrast" group. Certified instructor status was achieved at Vladimir's seminar in Belgium, in 2013. In November of 2016 he founded his own training group and club, where he to this day trains and teaches Systema according to the Vasiliev and Ryabko school.

Nikola Smiljanic


Instructors that Nikola has trained with and that have impacted and influenced his work:

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